How do you stop a ghost from haunting you? You bring it back to life.

Dr. Spencer Woodrow, a successful physician with a well-intentioned heart, couldn’t bring himself to turn away patients that arrived at his house in the middle of the night as a last resort. But those who died stayed to haunt him.

Now that Dr. Woodrow has retired his daughter, Julia, has moved back with him. But now that he has more time on his hands which he spends in the house, Dr. Woodrow becomes quickly affected by the literal ghosts of his past, the worst of them being his late wife. These hauntings take their toll and Julia suffers as she watches Spencer wither.

Knowing his daughter can’t handle it, Dr. Woodrow goes to stop the haunting in a way never considered before: bringing the dead back to life. Now free of the shackles of medical licenses, insurance companies and ethics boards, Dr. Woodrow is free to explore things that are normally quite forbidden. The first experiments are horrific and the monstrosities brought back from beyond are forced to be destroyed as they threaten both Dr. Potter and Julia.

But then the experiment is perfected. The spirits are resurrected but left between dead and alive, their bodies carefully placed in a comatose state. Their souls are no longer untethered and free to haunt, but their monstrous, reincarnated forms are subdued and restrained.

One by one the graves in their backyard and in the local cemeteries are dug up as they are processed to end the hauntings one soul at a time. It’s when Dr. Woodrow’s late wife and Julia’s mother goes missing that the police, and other families, begin to ask questions.

It’s at that moment, when everything seems to be going well enough, that Julia’s boyfriend Sean King has a terrible accident. She resurrects him, but performs the process wrong and Sean is reanimated as a vicious, hungry ghoul. He craves things no human would bear to eat, but that’s because he’s transforming into something far from human. However, both Julia and the doctor cared for the young man and neither can bring themselves to kill him.

Dr. Woodrow finds himself in a situation he created. His daughter is now an accomplice to his crimes and past misdeeds. Sean’s condition will only turn more depraved as time goes on. In time the families will find their comatose, undead relatives and in trying to manipulate the machine will awaken things they were never meant to see.

And all the while Dr. Woodrow must fight the urge to bring his deceased wife back to more than the comatose body he keeps her in.

As the monsters become more and more relatable, the humans will descend into immorality. In the end Dr. Woodrow will have to figure out what family really means and choose what it is he will allow to haunt him and who will pay the price for putting him in that position.

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